Thursday, 26 April 2012

Branch Out or Link (ed) In.

With recent statistics published earlier Linkedin has by far become one of the most recognized networking sites on a global scale. Whether you are looking to connect with recent or old colleagues, discuss new business or the latest trends within a industry LinkedIn has several uses for the savvy professional. The networking site boasts a lot more for bright individuals looking to get that first step on to the job ladder, and LinkedIn could be that perfect resource to do so.. 

It has enjoyed a relative easy ride in terms of its market place, up until now. BranchOut an application built within Facebook has amassed over 25 million users since it launch in 2010. The platform similar to LinkedIn, allows users to see which of their Facebook friends (or friends of friends work at specific companies). It builds your connections from your existing friends. The platform allows you to search and apply for roles within a multiple of industries. To date it has more than 3 million job listings. The platform is also a great opportunity for the younger generation to get their first steps on to the job ladder through advertised internships or part time work. 

However as the platform is built within Facebook it does come with its own limitations. Largely and in my opinion people want to keep their social and work life separate. I tend to go on Facebook to see what my friends are up to or see latest pictures. On the other hand I use LinkedIn to discuss relevant business news, find new ideas and constantly look for new opportunities through new connections. 

On the other hand, whilst many recruiters scroll and look on Facebook to find a true in-depth picture to what you say you really are, it creates opportunities for recruiters rather than individuals to migrate to Branch Out. Telling your friends that you applied for a particular job may not be the best thing, if you were looking to keep it a secret. However many people share their status updates through Twitter on LinkedIn, without realizing that they are even doing so which could lead them into trouble with their employers. 

Branch Out will have to increase its pulling power for the savvy Linkedin user to migrate to its platform. At best I found the user interface a little clunky, this could be because the application is built on Facebook App's. It will be difficult to see how and where its user base will come from, if they can pull in a wealth of well known recruiters then people will be attracted to apply for jobs no one else may see. I still believe that people will want to keep their personal life private from their work life. Whilst this may take time, it will become increasingly easy for LinkedIn to poach ideas or even buy, due to the sheer size of their recent flotation. 

You never know I could be wrong. So watch this space........ 

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