Monday, 20 September 2010

The Tetley Tea Folk are back!

The Gaffer and Sydney are back and have made a revolutionary return to our screens. Not since 2001, have they been seen before and tonight they made a revolutionary come back during the advert break for Coronation street.

Gaffer, Sydney, Archie and Clarence used to be a mainstay of Tetley's advertising in ads such as this from the 1980s:

The campaign is targeted to highlight the health of tea and make aware the value of tea in our daily lives. In recent years Tetley has seemed to lost out to its superior Unilever's PG Tips dominating the sale of tea over the last 9 years.

According to Marketingmagazine, the teaser campaign (shown tonight) is to be followed by a "Nostalgic, emotional, tearjerker of a TV ad"

Here is the advert in full.

The use of nostalgia is something that we yearn for in the past, of course different people have different memories of their past. The use of nostalgia in advertising is nothing new and has been around for ages and often Marketeers bring
back characters of our childhood to use in their ad's. These are just a few examples of recent adverts featuring nostalgia.

Specsavers: Most recently Virgil and Postman Pat appear highlighting that you should have gone to specsavers.

Marmite: The use of Paddington Bear to promote the latest squeeze bottle of Marmite caused somewhat confusion, to the bears favourite marmalade.

Quaker Oats: The use of
Camberwick Green's Windy Miller for some brings back distant memories of the famous puppet character used in the childhood series from the 1980's.

Can you think of any other advertisements that have brought successful TV Characters back to life?

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